What is Survival Stores?


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Survival Stores is an application for your Mac or Windows computer* that can help you plan and manage anything from a 3 day food supply to multiple years of food and equipment for a large family/group. You can also manage medical supplies, tools, movies, and a library.

This tool provides a series of functions, each easy to operate, which work in concert to formulate action plans, make sensible and orderly purchases and integrate them into a comprehensive and robust asset management system that is affordable for any family that desires to actively get prepared.

Now you can answer these questions!

  • Am I prepared?
  • What do I plan for?
  • How do I write a plan?
  • What would I do if ordered to evacuate?
  • What would I take and where is it?
  • What do I need?
  • Do I need more?
  • Is it still good?
  • Do I have everything I need?
  • When did you buy it?
  • Where do you store what you’ve purchased?
  • Do I have a recipe to use the food I have in storage?
  • Do I know how to prepare what I bought?
  • Does everyone in my family have the same contact list?
  • What haven’t I thought of?

"A self-proclaimed "queen" of preparedness and organization, I believe Survival Stores hits the jackpot.  No longer do I have to wonder when I need to replace items in my disaster preparedness kit or where I left my list of important contacts... Survival Stores keeps track of everything for you.  An easy and brilliant way to incorporate technology into your disaster preparedness plan.  If your life could use a bit more organizing and you don't have a preparedness kit, give Survival Stores a try!"  

Cheryl Nelson
* Broadcast Meteorologist & Mrs. Virginia International 2014 * Promoting Natural Disaster Preparedness *





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Who Are We?

Together our company has:
  • Over 35 years designing and developing complex database applications for web and desktop environments.
  • Study, training and experience in FEMA Continuity of Operations (COOP).
  • Study, training and experience in Incident Command (ICS).
  • EMT / Firefighter experience.
  • Wildland Firefighter experience.
  • Civil Air Patrol search and rescue training.
  • Amateur Radio operators.
  • Over a dozen years of experience in family preparedness.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is the preservation of life and dignity during an emergency.

We believe that planning for an emergency whether it be the result of natural or human-induced events can help to reduce your risks.

“Protection Through Preparation” is the company motto and it reflects the heart of every one of us at 419Systems.

Who should use Survival Stores?

The families of First Responders would benefit from using Survival Stores.
Individuals and groups that are already getting prepared for disasters/emergency events. Their experience and sophistication will be complemented nicely by Survival Stores.
Anyone interested in reducing the risks associated with emergencies would find Survival Stores a tremendous asset.

Risk Mitigation Through Planning And Preparation!

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